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The Amateurs

Student artwork in Cordoba and Buenos Aires, Argentina

We use the category “Artes de la Calle,” but in all fairness we are sometimes referring to Student Art, not Street Art.  For a while in Argentina, we made a point to visit student art galleries every day – it was part of our checklist, in between writing haikus and drinking mate in a different one of the infinite parks scattered throughout Buenos Aires. Rachel usually left these galleries inspired to keep up with her own projects; I usually left reminded of my own mediocrity (and that’s generous) as an artist, with new conviction to retain my day job (read: layabout)… But that wasn’t why we kept looking for student art – we weren’t searching for quality, and it mattered not if what we found was awe-inspiring or insipid. It was part of our perhaps overly romantic endeavor to discern the various pulses of the cities we travelled through, imagining that each had its own discrete language, and a different sort of currency.


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  1. Reading this…how i miss you!

    February 20, 2012 at 9:37 am

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