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El Regalo de la Perdida (Or reflections on being lost)

arte de la calle

An ex-boyfriend once told me to “go eat a map” because my sense of direction left much to be desired… I admit that I have often shared his sentiments over my dyslexic inner-compass, to be someone who gravitates towards the wrong direction can be extremely inconvenient when you have to be somewhere as opposed to… lost.

That said, I now know beyond a doubt just how to BE perdida (lost).

As simple and commonsense-icle as it might seem, it is actually pretty challenging to be in a state of lost. How many of us deal with being lost on a daily basis? (“Define lost” – some of you conceptual folks might say…) But if we are speaking in terms of geographic location, being lost is not the norm. Most of us are exactly where we intended to be at any given moment.

Making me feel somewhat proud of the fact that I can characterize myself as an expert in being lost.

And, whilst it has its downsides, I tend to see it as a gift. How many streets would I have never had the pleasure of knowing had I stayed true to the right way? How many strangers would I have never been able to ask for help and share a small fleeting feeling of gratitude with? And how many moments of discovering some unknown and interesting place would I have missed out on had I eaten that map and never given myself the chance to simply be… lost.


One response

  1. Ujala Sehgal

    This is an incredibly beautiful street art photo. I can’t remember if the street art in Barcelona rivaled it in Chile, but I think it might.

    And — I wanted to add — I have an equally dismal sense of direction, as you might recall. (I’m sure you do; it’s epic.) I share as well your pride in having not always known my way. Most of us eventually get from A to B. What else we encounter while getting there is life’s great subtexts.

    September 14, 2011 at 8:00 pm

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