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After Google (a runaway Haiku)

Artwork by Rachel Jill Papernick

Artwork by Rachel Jill Papernick

I find myself weary of this machine.

Yearning for the age of technology to end.

To go back to bare feet and humble hearts.

To a point where our self-righteousness,

sense of entitlement,

bank of bondages

would fade into the past

in a matter of minutes

and with one flash of light

we would look at these contraptions and think:

How silly we were.

Just how lame was our ambition.

How quickly we killed off our own humanity

through the most uncreative of tools.

| tap, tick, click, click |

The actual voice of your mother is gone.

Her touch is barely her own.

It’s transferred to fat flat spaces: with tiny lights,

controlling our urges.

There is a bug implanted in our children’s brains

with a nasty twist of instincts.

There is a disconnect. Grave.

The chasm


who we think we are,

and who we actually are.

(Damn it)


I just let everyone be right today:

The stranger,

who waves his hands in my face

to make me aware of the error of my bike lane.

He is right.

My friend, fiercely protective

but burdened by her own judgements,

is right.

The mother

who teaches her son to call strangers “locos”.

right, as well.

There is a peace in letting each of them be right.

Having their own reasons for their grief.

Their pain that comes out indirectly in everything they say and do.

Can we forgive one another for a minute or two?

I want to forgive him, to forgive her, to let them all be supremely right.

It is so easy to be wrong.

I am a pebble letting the cool current pass.

It feels sublime, like the smell of lilacs,

the breeze on the cliff’s edge,

the sand under my toes…

I’m in another world

where i don’t have to judge a soul.

i am just here,

to observe, and let the world be OK with me.

Nothing to change at all.

I have no mind to trick me,

no heart to turn me around,

I have no sense of purpose,

no one needs to show me the way,

I am already in a dream of lost,

and pleasantly slipping away.


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