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Who We Are


Seductive Banter is a friend-based project with no definitive goal, but to amuse and be our muse.

It is simply a way to share the creative expressions of two women who, as luck would have it, afforded to loiter around a few cities of faded glamour in Central and South America, living what will be referred to in this blog as “The Wrought Iron Diaries.”

The focus is all things artistic and imaginative. Take what you may…

…and join in when you can.

Dove Street Art Seductive Banter Chicas

About the Authors:

Ujala Sehgal has had a varied career in writing, law, journalism, and social justice, interspersed with cross-continent backpacking trips (most recently in South America). Ujala currently works with a civil rights organization in New York City and as an associate editor for the online literature and culture magazine The Millions.

Rachel Jill Papernick is a graphic designer, photographer, and writer who has enjoyed vagabonding, living, and working in such places as Buenos Aires, Cabañas Copan, Honduras, Toulouse, France, Washington DC, and Pittsburgh, PA. Rachel currently lives, studies, and works in Barcelona. To see samples of her work, visit her online  portfolio.

Contact the authors at


One response

  1. Rachel, me ha encantado vuestro proyecto 🙂

    Un abrazo enorme! Hablamos pronto (en el próximo encuentro bcntb?)


    October 6, 2013 at 12:45 pm

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