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found objects

…:: HeartBeat ::…::…::…::…::…..

Street Art, Graphite, Bomba, Heartache, Spain, Travel, Photography,
When my hands were cold
from lack of sun,
I stumbled upon this grate,
sprayed in the calle of my hood,
and found a heart
to match my hurt.


Does mate make you crazy?

collaboration, Part II

[Parul] Sehgal finds herself often writing reviews in conversation with her younger sister, rather than back to the author or to the reader like most other critics. Elaborating on her method, Sehgal said that she reads the work over first to eliminate any “knee-jerk responses to techniques or topics.”

From “A critical look at criticism with Parul Sehgal, SOA ’10”

What’s in a name?

“Life with Mary was like being in a telephone booth with an open umbrella-no matter which way you turned, you got it in the eye.”
-Jean Kerr

Career Advice

Inside a vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina

“I write because I can’t do normal work like other people.”

– Orhan Pamuk (via My Life and Thoughts)

mystery solved.

“Sin jamás comprender que el Amor nunca impide a un hombre seguir su Leyenda Personal.”

El Alquimista, Paulo Coelho

Proverb 5

Paranoids are not paranoids because they’re paranoid, but because they keep putting themselves, fucking idiots, deliberately into paranoid situations.

– Thomas Pynchon

High tide, part II

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

“What kind of courage have you got?”

– “The Tidal Kind.  It comes and goes.”

– James Goldman