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graphic undertakings

Into the woods

mujer-bosquemy mother grew up inside a lake,

slopped-off grey clay braided into her deer-brown locks.

my mother whispered into my ear:

the very last winter, the lake was drained,

they found a pair of lady’s shoes, heels up…


after nourishment


after nourishment,
before love/shelter/wealth… voices
bring vibrance, bring healing, be depth.

[ sleeping ] [on] [ trains ]

sleeping girls on train

methodic desperation
draws her down, down
goodnight train
goodnight strangers
goodnight moon.

the ride (part I)

I rode shotgun
No one spoke for miles

Passed fields of pale blown wheat
Telephone pole crosses

Fluxing wires
I can’t forget

The daydream of death
My still reflection

Dark sky eyes
Over the quick blue

And stratus clouds
Upon my window

Inside the wind

one buddhist’s theory

'ilusión' ( sketch 09.10 + photo of grass thru crack in Panama

the secret of curiosity

We spoke often about faith, and healing; about health and nutrition; about traditions and cultural differences; about what is beautiful in Honduras, and beautiful in the United States; and about the ugliness of politics, and the sadness of poverty. In the end you realize the more curiosity you have about a person, the more curiousity she will develop about you, and you end up with a really satisfying kind of conversation. The kind of conversation that makes you notice all the details of the person in front of you, the particularities of her face, voice, scent. In the end you realize, how different yet similar she is to you. You realize, this is the answer to so much misunderstanding and grief. It happens during a quiet night when the lights have gone out from a distant storm and so you sit at a kitchen table, lit by a few candles, and you listen and talk and share what you have in your head. In that moment, you become a part of peace and your curiosity grows.


Does mate make you crazy?

greeting cards have all been sent…

There’s a lot one can say during the holidays (as far as wishes and resolutions are concerned)  but what I think might matter most is how much time we dedicate Not to purchasing gifts,  planning the future, or reflecting on the past; but how much energy we devote to thinking  whole-heartedly about the people in our lives who make time/life un-wasted, divine, and  unfathomably perfect.

This year I tried to capture that idea in small, but very pensive greeting cards,  made as mini tributes to certain friends in my life who hold a very deep place in my heart.


happy new years.