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haiku du jour

plaza-en-bornthere was no letter

instead she chased.

“tug his shirt sleeve,” she thought, beat

him to the dumb punch.


yuppie: haiku du jour

i would

grab your shoulders, shake

you. but, i’m no Fighter and

you’re no Lover, hun.

yuppies wars

Haiku du jour


I dig brain roads to

another place. white wonder

feeling of peace: is.

sea-made milky way

sea-made milky way

train dreams


saw you yesterday 
afternoon, last night woke up 
sweating in my room 

Into the woods

mujer-bosquemy mother grew up inside a lake,

slopped-off grey clay braided into her deer-brown locks.

my mother whispered into my ear:

the very last winter, the lake was drained,

they found a pair of lady’s shoes, heels up…


There’s a story in here.



i spy