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Haiku del día : Primavera x primera vez


hearts in these eyes, dreamt

of this happening once. now

that it is, just wow.


00-stand-by-me copia


Haiku du jour : Ode to Vulnerability


We are carved from the

same sad stone, only mine is

more wood than stone.

Artwork by Rachel Jill Papernick

Artwork by Rachel Jill Papernick


.5 haiku du jour


How can detachment

be love? but it


haiku du jour

plaza-en-bornthere was no letter

instead she chased.

“tug his shirt sleeve,” she thought, beat

him to the dumb punch.

yuppie: haiku du jour

i would

grab your shoulders, shake

you. but, i’m no Fighter and

you’re no Lover, hun.

yuppies wars

Haiku du jour


I dig brain roads to

another place. white wonder

feeling of peace: is.

sea-made milky way

sea-made milky way

train dreams


saw you yesterday 
afternoon, last night woke up 
sweating in my room 


Withholding distorts reality